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Need motivation? There’s an app or gadget for that

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Global News

WASHINGTON – Welcome to the measured life.

When Tim Davis of Beaver, Pa., tipped the scales at 318 pounds two years ago, he bought a Fitbit gadget to track his physical activity and the Lose It! app on his phone to track calories. He bought a Wi-Fi-enabled scale that published his daily weight on his Twitter feed and turned to other apps to track his pulse, blood pressure, daily moods and medications. At one point, Davis said he was using 15 different apps and gadgets, which he said helped him drop 64 pounds by that following year.

A growing category of devices and software applications promises to measure the mundane details of our daily lives: calories burned, diaper changes, how much and how well we sleep, caffeine intake, kids’ studying habits, household chores, even whether a baby is nursing more frequently on Mom’s left breast versus her right.

The apps…

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How bacon and sausages are changing your sperm quality

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Global News

TORONTO — It’s been villainized  for harming cardiovascular health, but now a new study is suggesting bacon is also to blame for hurting male fertility.

Researchers out of Harvard’s School of Public Health say that eating even a single piece of certain processed meats like bacon or sausage each day can damage a man’s fertility.  Sorry, fellas.

But if you’re in the business of baby-making, the study points to swapping your bacon breakfasts for fish like cod or halibut to keep sperm count strong and healthy.

Read more:Two components of red meat increase risk of bladder cancer, American researchers say

“We found the effect of processed meat intake lowered quality and fish raised quality,” lead researcher Dr. Myriam Afeiche told the Daily Telegraph in the U.K.

Her complete findings were published by the American Society of Reproductive Medicine. Read the full study here.

The study was based on…

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nulife weight loss

Tired of trying every single diet and not losing weight?  Laser Therapy not only accelerates your metabolism, it also suppresses your appetite and cravings for food so that you are in control… finally!

The Laser Therapy treatments will help to:

  • Suppress your appetite allowing you to feel full with a lot less food.
  • Control your hunger cravings so that you are not craving food all day long.
  • Raise your metabolic rate which increases your body’s ability to burn fat.
  • Stimulate the release of endorphins so that you will feel relaxed and calm.

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