Quitting: Just a Question of Willpower?

You say you have enough willpower to achieve many things in your life. But when it comes to cigarettes, it’s not the same

Please read what follows. You’ll see that willpower alone isn’t enough to quit smoking and to free yourself from tobacco and cigarettes once and for all.

Why are there things that you REALLY want in life (“falling in love”, landing the right job, starting a family, choosing the car you drive, the house you buy, the clothes you wear, etc)?

Obviously, it’s because you feel that experiencing those relationships or owning those things will contribute to, or are essential to, your well-being.

And so, to get what you want, you’re ready to overcome problems, accept compromise, and even make sacrifices for a time.

You’ll continue to work as hard as you need to until you get what you want. This is an example of WILLPOWER. As you can see, though, it all depends on A STRONG DESIRE for something.

So you can say that your desire (and the reasons that sparked it) is what motivates you to act. In other words, this is your MOTIVATOR.

Your willpower therefore depends on your motivation. The higher your motivation, the greater your will to overcome the obstacles you’ll meet along the way.

Freeing yourself from tobacco and quitting smoking works in the same way! Start by forming your motivation, and willpower will follow!

Because of your motivators, you’ll have the willpower to implement the methods that will allow you to reach your goal: to stop smoking.

NuLife Laser & Wellness Clinic has been successful in helping thousands of smokers just like you to stop smoking. The unique method has become widely recognised as being one of the most effective ways to Stop Smoking and is endorsed and recommended by Healthcare Professionals.




No-drugs or pills

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