Quitting smoking before 30 – It’s still not too late

If you want to get rid of the evil, which affects almost all vital components of your body completely and recover to absolutely, then action must be taken before it’s too late – the idea to ditch cigarettes is an opportunity to start a fresh, cleanse your respiratory systems and enjoy better health for longer. There are scientific findings to confirm that almost all of the permanent damages caused by smoking can be prevented and even reversed if the butt is effectively kicked before entering the 30s. What is generally termed as the ‘loss of a decade’ of one’s life due to smoking can actually be avoided completely if the quitting takes place before reaching the age of 30 and allowing the body sufficient time to recover.

Immediate Benefits

Kicking the habit will offer some immediate benefits that can be noticed straightaway and each one of these shows improvement day by day:

  • Smoker’s breath which is a point of concern for everyone around there gets better.
  • The teeth tend to loose yellowish color and become whiter.
  • There is no longer that stinking and foul smelling coming from the clothes and hair of the smoker.
  • The blood pressure, heart rate, temperature of the feet and hands starts to return back to its normal level.
  • The yellow fingernails and fingers come back to their original color.
  • The everyday activities of your house like cleaning, washing or running around small children don’t leave you out of breath.

Long Term benefits

The long term benefit of quitting smoking before 30 implies that the margin of damage becomes narrow which can be gauged from the below points:

  • The death rate is comparable to those who have never smoked all through their lives.
  • Although the time duration for which the smoker has smoked cant be totally erased but the damage is arrested to some extent as the lungs are still left with huge capacity to function properly without any major complications.
  • The risk of coronary heart disease, angina and stroke is considerably reduced in comparison to one who is still smoking.
  • The chances of a stroke are reduced and the cancer of throat, esophagus, cervix, mouth and pancreas don’t pose a threat to the smoker.
  • Women who have had earlier experienced complication in conceiving stand better chance of getting pregnant. Moreover there is a greater likelihood that the child born will be healthy with a normal birth weight.
  • You would have saved a decent sum of money which otherwise would have been spent on paying your monthly hospital bills.

The above discussion shouldn’t let you to conclude that it is okay if a person smokes till 30 and then give up on the habit as soon as he/she reaches thirty, rather the findings support the call that it is better to have never smoked at all, which shouldn’t be taken as a surprise at this point but it is worth celebrating that smokers can surely gain something from quitting.


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