Smoked Conscience and Intoxicated Morality

The Kochi Post.


‘Smoking and Drinking is injurious to health’ – There was a time when these warnings were displayed in microscopic letter on alcohol bottles and cigarette packets. This trend has undergone a radical make over with its mandatory display in  macroscopic letters accompanied by terrifying pictures.

Those obsessed with saving humanity from smoking and alcoholism were successful in producing advertisements and documentaries featuring the ill effects of smoking to be played before the start of the movies in cinemas. The television channels are forced to display irritating warning each time smoking or drinking is exhibited on the screen. Even the public display of alcohol bottles and cigarettes are being taken off. Are we going over board in this campaign against addiction? Isn’t this a case of smoked conscience and intoxicated pseudo morality?

Consider a scene from a movie: The hero and his friends mercilessly beats a police officer, abducts a woman…

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